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      ABOUT US


   Founded in San Fernando Valley , we are  family owned and operated. We take pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We work in close cooperation with project owners to ensure their expectations are met. We provide advice on alternative solutions that can save money without compromising quality.

    We at A.Q.P provide honest and reliable service. We know you, as the client have many options when choosing a paving contractor. We assure you that you wont regret choosing us, because we DON'T cut corners and provide our clients the best quality work at affordable prices.


   A.Q.P  has been the same since day one - with a mindset centered on growth and customer satisfaction. Our goal has always been to build a future not solely for ourselves, but for that of our employees, as well as for the community through the work sculpted through and by our passion. We stand by our principles and our values day in and day out. Our loyalty extends through to our customers, vendors, employees, and community with every project we take on.  Quality assurance, attention to detail, and timely delivery backed by trust and integrity is paramount throughout our company. A large part of our business comes from recommendations, therefore, we believe in establishing long lasting relationships with our clients and  keeping your absolute satisfaction.


                                              Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

​                                                                    (818) 741-5285 
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